“Thank you so much for caring about my health. You are a true professional, I am truly grateful that I found you.”


“My family and I have had outstanding service from Zinoha Pharmacy. The staff is knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly and caring. This is one facility where we are more than “just a number”. We are like “family”.”


“Zinoha is a unique Pharmacy. As you enter this Pharmacy you will be surprised by the way you and your needs are met. Tad and his staff have somehow turned a Pharmacy into a place where you feel like you are being cared for by a friend who has your best interests at heart. His professional ability is teamed with a caring heart that makes you feel respected, cared for and safe in his care.”

About Zinoha


Our purpose and vision are to serve and extend our professional services to families in the community and beyond.
Your pharmacists at ZINOHA PHARMACY always will help you make the best choices for your health. If you have any questions regarding medications used in the treatment of your medical condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff at ZINOHA Pharmacy.

We also prescribe on a walk-in and appointment basis for travel health needs (vaccines, administer them, and prescribe oral medications). We also assess and prescribe for minor illnesses, educate on diabetes ( we have a certified diabetes educator on board), serve medication review, as well as educate clients on other chronic illnesses.

We also administer seasonal influenza vaccines and have enrolled for COVID-19 vaccines at Alberta Health Services when the time of availability is announced.

Suppose you have any concerns about medications you are currently on or have been prescribed by a doctor. In that case, you can ask to have an appointment with our Pharmacist for a Medication Review to check all potential side effects or drug interactions.

Please contact the licensee, Tad Kene, if you have any concerns regarding our services and if you would like to know his practice permit number or registration number, it is available for you below.

Vaccination Certificates
Tips for travel-size products.
Prescriptions to prevent malaria and treat traveler’s diarrhea, as appropriate